About Us

  Vondra Engraving was started by Eldon & Virginia Vondra in 1958 the year
   Elvis Presley was inducted into the army. Eldon's father farmed with
  horses in South Western Wisconsin, he might well have followed in his
  father's footsteps, but he contracted polio at a young age, and this
   precipitated his move to the metropolis of Madison, Wisconsin.
  The engraving occupation accomodated his physical condition.
  His attention to high quality and commitment to customers sustained and
  grew the business into a long-lived Madison establishment.
  Eldon and Virginia retired in 1996, and two long serving employees
  now head the company.

  Vondra Engraving continues to offer a diverse product line of customized
  personalized products to associations, corporations institutions and schools.

  Most importantly, Vondra Engraving provides individualized service to our most
  important asset, the individual customer.